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Oscar "Golden Boy" For Whom laugh

To the Academy Awards. The red carpet, catwalk, Shuainan beauties, star-studded, attracting 10 hundreds of millions of fans around the world, will be focusing its attention to the West Coast of the United States, Hollywood.
  Oscar Chinese people around the world are most encouraging is that Ang Lee beat American director Steven Spielberg, the second Best Director Oscars into her arms. When Ang Lee took the "Oscars" from the hands of veteran Hollywood actress Jane Fonda and Douglas, his trademark smile toward the canopy glanced said: "Thank the movie gods, then to a consistent collaborator Xie; especially his audience looking for the "Young School" played by one sentence: "Sura Sharma Where are you, you are my miracle, you are my Oscars!" audience guests all laugh.
  Best Picture "flee Tehran" to enjoy a special treatment: the big screen by the U.S. First Lady Michelle award to the director of the film, starring Ben Affleck. This more than century, the end of the seventies, the Iranian hostage crisis in the background and creation of the movies, permeated with the American style of personal heroism. Such films in this year's Oscar nominations are still "Lincoln" to assassinate Osama bin Laden, is also very visible Oscar stresses the "theme".
  Although Ang Lee's award-winning foreign media as "upset," Ben Affleck "fled Tehran" led to criticism of the Iranian media, but fair to say, the cultural fusion Li An Duidong Western and grasp; juvenile sent drifting fantasy "and" escape from Tehran "in the artistic success of the movie or enlightening sense.          Chinese director, why only Ang Lee Chong Olympic success

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Why Fashion's Night Out is one of the best case studies in Socia

When it comes to social media, there are at least three main concerns policymakers requirements, regardless of your industry:
Does it really matter, my consumers?
How can I engage in a wide range of viewers?
Fashion's Night (FNO), which will take place this year (on Thursday) has solved a lot of social media on September 6, 2012
The problem is likely to be any marketing personnel should have in mind a great case study.
Fashion Night: a natural business center strategy
Investment rate of return at the end of the creative process (we now have a good idea how to do, instead of considering social media business
Measured? ), The core concept of the Fashion Night. The purpose of the FNO founded in 2009, Anna Wintour,
"Restore consumer confidence," "improve the industry's economy during the recession, and early in the shopping fun!"
Success is very easy to keep track of it is directly related to sales.
Visually, FNO services to retailers and shoppers.
Strong guidance of strong, centralized, flexible interpretation FNO
This strategy is one of the main problems is able to coordinate the behavior of thousands of retailers and respect for the many
Brand value. The challenges facing: fashion brand is global and local enemies. FNO organizers is simple: a few core
In principle to impose the general guidelines to the FNO logo. For example, the registered events must be open to everyone; event
Should be free.
In the meantime, FNO centralized action and stories for all tests of the customers, and influential
Retailers. If we want to sum up the major FNO strategy: the shape of the brand hyphen, engaged customers based on their Feng Wei swingman
Favorite interests.
All event mapping and sorting Brand Action
You see, see how they said: attend FNO dialogue on Twitter (and therefore share any of stimulus
"Contribution" in real life or other channels thanks to the same tag # FNO
Try to media reports, some of the common problems and resources
This centralization is very important when it comes to the end FNO 2012: We can easily predict FNO is how the matter
Produce a "best" content (Instagram pictures, articles, Twitter information) by real people, which will therefore improve
Again, consumers and retailers to participate in the events.
For retailers, the promotion boosters and important communications hub
Under the leadership of a global FNO core team, the local daily narrative involved in a very interesting way to promote
The brand itself.
When it comes to "promotion, social channels to spread a lot of tactical lead coupons or discounts
Collection. FNO this is exactly the opposite. The FNO group proposed to "promote the full price shopping, but there is a strong creative and
Exclusive reward, so to say, FNO want to display their best brand can really explain what customers buy and famous
So, for example, the whistle has launched a limited edition, which will make it the first in-store appearance in South Molton Street
September 6, the FNO boutique. And now, they mock this special event of their society as a whole. Another example is
Nicholas Kirkwood; Samsung, they have arranged a very classic game, customers can submit a 100-word explanation
Fashion means to them, and the final winner will be Kirkwood shoes "own" people.
FNO not only rejuvenate or enhance the brand within the product, but it can also help their local talents to form a new connection: DJ DJing
Artists, rising chef or boutique retail shops will be.
Then FNO is a facilitator, not a brand killer, as part of their reputation commissioned its own interests related. A
Marketing approach, similar to the reputation of the concept of democracy.
Storage and digital strategy
The real work is great synergy between stores and e-commerce strategies. Most finite set of
First brand of social existence; FNO will only be a meeting point. For other brands, FNO will kick off
Instantaneous release of the new project. FNO itself encourages this front / site / event "practices, as they try to stretch
FNO. Instead, arrangements diversified fixed network operators do the Chamber of Commerce in the new year, they have decided to schedule a day in different countries. This is
May be a better intuition, we now see that Fashion Week has been lost in the textile industry.


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